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Grafton Lodge’s position regarding visiting the Care Home.

Current visitors policy for Grafton Lodge Care Home
I am sure many of you are aware of the recent advice given by the Government on the topic of visiting Care Homes. It has been suggested that visits to Care Homes could potentially start in conjunction with a new rapid COVID test that has been launched.

Our reservations with this advice
We have significant reservations with this advice. The Government frequently offers advice, but we are not sure on this occasion if that advice is convincingly backed by science. For a significant percentage of the country, we are informed not to meet inside each other’s homes. It therefore does not make sense that the very same people can enter a Care Home where there is far more vulnerability.

Medway falls within Tier 3, which is the category of highest risk. People may make choices to create a ‘Christmas bubble’ of which may include tier 3 relatives/friends. All this mingling increases risk and can then be potentially be brought into our Home via a nominated visitor. Also, it was only earlier this week that Sheffield City Council warned care home providers not to use the government’s new rapid tests over doubts about accuracy.