Our Activities

We arrange activities in conjunction with our residents, they know what interests them, what they want to do and what they can do.

Some of our group activities:

Cookery Club
Our residents have spent a lifetime preparing their own meals and when we consulted with them it was clear that they haven’t lost interest in cooking and baking just because they have moved into a home. The residents told us that they wish to cook, bake and decorate cakes so we set up the weekly cookery club, led by Andreea.

Many of our residents loved dancing in their younger days so the Elastix class is perfect for them. A gentle armchair exercise programme, set to the beat of the music. And once the class is over you often find the residents having a discussion over a cup of tea, about the music and with 20 different playlists there are a lot of memories invoked by the music they exercised to.

Arts & Crafts
From making cards and Christmas ornaments to painting pictures there are plenty of arts and crafts on the go, you will see a lot of them on display around the lounge and dining room as well as in resident’s rooms.

This is very high up on the list of activities our residents enjoy the most. There is always music being played in different parts of the home. The residents enjoy a Karaoke session with the staff who also enjoy a good Karaoke session and dance around. For the parties we always bring in professional singers and musicians to add to the atmosphere.

Our residents love to party. And so do we. There’s nothing like live music to get your feet tapping and people up dancing, a beautiful buffet to whet the appetite, but most of all having your loved ones, family and friends, to share the experience with you.

Friday Night is Movie Night
A bowl of popcorn and an old cowboy movie is the current choice of residents.

We also have animals visiting, quizzes, discussions about news and current affairs, games, there is usually a large jigsaw on the go, book reading sessions, chatting about memories.
We offer a wide range of additional services for our residents.
Visiting services include a Hairdresser, Chiropodist and Optician. Religious needs are catered for by visiting Clergy. Visiting Doctors and District Nurses take care of medical requirements.
All Laundry is carried out on the premises by our own staff.
From time to time our residents request access to other services, and we do our best to fulfil their requirements.

  • Our helpful staff help residents with activities wherever their support is needed
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