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Personal Information

The Grafton Lodge website does not collect your personal information unless you voluntarily disclose it by filling in an Online Form (eg on the Contact page) or by emailing us.

If you give us your personal information (eg name, organisation, email address, telephone number or postal address, etc) in relation to a query about our business services, or in relation to a business transaction, we will use those details to communicate with you.

We do not sell or rent your personal information to other organisations.

The Grafton Lodge website does not directly use Cookies to track user behaviour.

We do, however, use Google Analytics to collate and analyse data relating to the performance of our website pages. To do this, Google Analytics sets a small number of cookies (typically four) which are stored by your web browser. Google Analytics does not provide personal information about you.

We use Google Analytics because it enables us to see, for example, which website pages and web browsers are most popular, which computer devices and specifications are most popular, which days and times are the most busy, and other information of this nature. This analysis helps us to design the website and write content that better meets the needs of our visitors.

You can find more information about Google Analytics Cookies at the Official Google Analytics Cookies page

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