• The latest Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspection of Grafton Lodge Care Home was in January 2020.

Official Care Quality Commission (CQC) Inspection Ratings

Like all residential care homes, Grafton Lodge is regularly inspected by the government’s Care Quality Commission (CQC), the official independent regulator of health and social care in England, who conduct highly detailed investigations into all aspects of the home’s operations and management.

How the CQC make their assessments
CQC makes unannounced inspection visits on a regular basis, the most recent inspection was January 16th 2020. They examine our records, make observations and talk to residents, relatives, staff and local professionals to make their formal assessment in accordance with Key Lines Of Enquiry (KLOEs).

They ask 5 questions – Is the service SAFE, EFFECTIVE, CARING, RESPONSIVE and WELL-LED?

You can find further information about this process on the CQC website. Full details of Grafton Lodge’s official CQC inspection reports, including downloadable files, can be found on the Grafton Lodge pages of the CQC’s official website when you click the ‘See the Report’ link. We strongly recommend that you study the very detailed 18-page official CQC Report, to gain an independent opinion about how we run Grafton Lodge, and to see what our residents and their relatives told the CQC about our service.

Our response to the latest CQC rating:
Grafton Lodge has been providing care for the community for close to 20 years and received ‘Good’ CQC ratings for many years. In 2019, a new management team was appointed which made various changes. The timing of the most recent CQC report that was delivered seemed to coincide with the time following some of these changes. We have since re-appointed a new management team which consists of staff that have previously worked at Grafton Lodge. We feel the home has now been restored to its earlier state and in some areas has improved further. We would invite anyone to speak to either our staff, the residents or the friends or families of the residents to see how happy the home is now. What is reassuring is that CQC reported the ‘care’ at Grafton as being ‘Good’ which has been a consistent feature.

  • Download the report to see the results, ratings and findings of the most recent inspection.
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